I Released An Album!!!

2013-06-24 05:38:33 by Morph94

Alright everyone. Here it is. Three years ago, I made a concept album with a bunch of my music on it. I was going to sell it for profit, and even had an artist draw me up an album cover. Now I'm finally releasing it over Bandcamp to you.

For only $8, you can get fourteen awesome tracks, digitally downloadable in pretty much any format you could dream of. That's right, it was originally twelve tracks, but I like you enough I'm even throwing in two more! If you don't like the whole album, you can pick and choose which tracks you like for just a buck each. But in order to recieve the bonus tracks, you have to buy the whole album.

It might sound a bit steep, but I'm putting this money towards a car so I can drive myself back to college in the Fall. Please support this! Every little bit helps.

For those of you who've been visiting my profile for a while now, you might recognize a few of the tracks on the album. I took a lot of my older work off of the site when I switched over to FL Studio. Now's your chance to get a hold of some of the best of the best of the old.

http://morph94.bandcamp.com/album/it-all-comes-t ogether


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2013-06-24 13:55:49

This is catchy as fuck! Great job dude

Morph94 responds:

Thank you! I worked hard on it. Spread the word!